2013 Camera of the year ... ? (Per SteveH)

Started Nov 6, 2013 | Polls thread
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What a coinicidence

DT200 wrote:

blue_skies wrote:

Two stops of light loss and deeper DOF are two ticks against the m43 format in my book. Others may have different opinions.

You ae making a great case for Canon and Nikon for anyone who prefers not to manually focus.  NEX APS cameras simply can't compete with the 85mm F/1.8 and 50mm F/1.4 lenses availalbe unless you pay an extra $300 for something that can double you camera size.

I just read Lindsay Dobson's article and it is going to make a certain few here pretty upset. 


My take is if a camera peforms better than the crop factor (Is difference between NEX 7 vs, 5DIII less than 1 stop?) then it is the better choice overall.  This is why the RX100 and RX10 are so popular.

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