the K3 is perfectly tiimed to hit C and N where they hurt

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Re: the K3 is perfectly tiimed to hit C and N where they hurt

petreluk wrote:

My point is that people have choices now they did not have 2-3 years ago. Each choice is backed by a major corporation, too. Canon and Nikon only have market share to lose, not to gain. Therefore, there's a perfectly reasonable argument that Canon and Nikon cannot now push folks around in the way they might have thought they could. "Do it our way and pay our upgrade prices or hit the highway" only works when there are no alternatives.

The major choice right now is for those looking to mirrorless.  You're talking about d300s and 7d consumers.  What choices are there for them?  You know the ones who don't care about D600 or D800 or 5d/6d as viable options.

I just don't see a lot of competition for THAT market segment.  Without doubt the lower end is bombarded by choices.  And, the new Sony certainly keeps pressure on the full frame drive to help control costs.  But for current 7d and d300s users that refuse full-frame as an option I don't see much alternative YET.

None of this means that Canon or Nikon are suddenly about to disappear but, imho, neither is as strong as it looks. In one regard they are prisoners of their size: the cost of running tens of thousands of employees and maintaining wall to wall marketing across half the world must be absolutely crippling. But if either lets up for a second or a series of poor decisions forces a cutback, as is beginning to look possible at Nikon (overproduction, the 1 series financial problems, compact camera sales declining more rapidly than anticipated, etc.), well ...

sure.  But, you act like their decisions have been horrible.  There are PLENTY of happy D800/D600/D4/5dIII/6d/1dx users out there.  Lots of them.  Those cameras have not been busts.  And, for that matter, neither have their mid level or entry level offerings.  The only busts have been their tepid entry into mirrorless - which is still a different market segment than the 7d/d300 users upset by lack of a new product.

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