K/R, the Df and a lump of dog p**p!

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Re: K/R, the Df and a lump of dog p**p!

paulski66 wrote:

photohp wrote:

Sutto wrote:

Make no mistake. He is a smart guy. You don't understand him because you don't understand his motives. What he is trying to do is to get more traffic to his site and sell more cameras from the links he provides. That's how he makes money. In other words cash in on the reputation he built for himself.

If you take that into consideration it all makes sense.

Yes, we all get that.

It also means that what he says, his "opinion," as it were, is meaningless.

Ken saying a camera is the best camera ever released, or a lens is the only lens you'll ever need, is not him offering his honest opinion on the camera or the lens. It's Ken posting what he feels will drive the most traffic to his site.

Yes, he knows most of the people who read his site will probably get a 10x zoom, or something like that, so he gives them the reassurance they are looking for to make the purchase.

When you Google almost any Nikon product, a page on his site is usually right at the top of the list, so I'd  also give him credit for being a master of search engine optimization.

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