Fuji - Softness & Noise questions

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Re: Fuji - Softness & Noise questions

Set Dynamic Range to 100%, set autofocus to Area and select the center, manually set ISO based on the lighting situation same as you would pick a film ISO, use Provia or Astia film mode.

as a guide

ISO 100/200 bright sun

200/400 cloudy/low light inside with flash

800 and higher no flash

Do not set any on camera sharpness or mess with color etc for now leave all that at Zero.

In short Fuji X cameras work best not use Auto I have found this way and first discovered this with the Fuji X20 that you can not use Auto settings. ISO and Dynamic Range are linked to each other. Check the manual for more detail.

I have the XE-1.

Oh, use exposure comp as needed.

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