Using the 50-200 SWD on both E-5 and E-M1

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Re: Why do these threads end up going down this weird path?

boggis the cat wrote:

Big Ga wrote:

boggis the cat wrote:

Maybe I should be asking Colin about his findings with the E-5 and his lenses.

Why stop there? why not go find people like Donald Chin, or Hawaii Geek? or Windsprite? all of them 1022 regulars and keen Olympus shooters at one time, all of them now also with experience of shooting Nikon.

I don't recognise Hawaii Geek. When was he here?

Donald, IIRC (quite possibly not), went to a Canon 5D II based system as he did a lot of night shooting. Seems sensible enough. No recollection of what Windsprite ever posted but I recognise the name.

If you don't even recognise the name of Hawaii Geek or know what Julie Windsprite has posted, then frankly you need to stop flapping your big mouth here whenever anyone else starts talking about Oly focus issues, because you obviously have NO clue whatsoever about how much testing, agonising, sending gear back to Olympus etc etc etc has been done in the past to try to get to the bottom of all the errors and inconsistencies that intelligent amateurs and working professionals alike were seeing.

You obviously fall into neither category, yet refuse to listen to those people who either are, or actually can recall what has gone on in the past.

Its a total waste of time talking to you.

Didn't you move to Nikon or something?

For pro use, I needed better image quality. Better focusing. Better battery life. Better support. Better lots of things. The promise of this from Oly never materialised, so I solved my needs by buying gear that did provide it.

There were still some things I liked from Oly, so I kept a number of 4/3 items. 'Move' isn't really an appropriate term.

Why did you buy an E-M1? I really do not understand this weird phenomenon:

Your capacity to not be able to understand things is overwhelming, hence your incapacity of being able to understanding something does nothing to invalidate it.

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