the K3 is perfectly tiimed to hit C and N where they hurt

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Re: the K3 is perfectly tiimed to hit C and N where they hurt

petreluk wrote:

You may be correct about Canon and Nikon trying to force users into FF but it is a very risky strategy, perhaps even a very arrogant one born of lazy thinking while the good times rolled. Now times are not so good. Those who might typically have purchased a Nikon D700 or D300s, a Canon 5D mk II or a 7D - these are the backbone of the higher end and they are being poorly treated.

They aren't the highest end but they are still pros, semi-pros and enthusiasts who buy all their equipment themselves and who know the price of onions. They are also big spenders compared to those who just want a nice camera with a zoom lens, probably a kit one.

Nikon haven't given these customers any upgrade path at all. Canon have done slightly more, but still not a great deal.

Very interesting take.  I happen to disagree.  Let me take this from a Canon perspective.  From an image quality standpoint, the 5-series outperforms the 7-series.  period.   What the 5-series was lacking was better FOCUS.  It now has it.

For those that want simpler focus, the 6d solves the IQ needs quite nicely.

The people "left behind" are the sports and wildlife shooters.  Sports shooters are really a minor sub-group here because the ones making any money have no issues with a 5dIII if they cannot afford a 1dx.   The ones left griping about the lack of a 7d are:

1) Wildlife shooters - they want the pixel density

2) the people that want the "prestige" of a 7d replacement - the 70d is unacceptable because it says xxD.  If performance gain was needed they can get the IQ gain from 6d or the IQ and focus gain from 5diii.  They lose pixel density and fps - and unless you're a birder the pixel density isn't a big deal.

And, I'll say it again - for these sub-groups - they don't have a viable alternative.  There is no market pressure on Canon/Nikon to produce cameras for that subset.  Enough people were happy with IQ benefits from full frame and now that full-frame focus works well, the sports shooters making money are happy too (those shooters have been happy in nikon land since the d700).

Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung and Pentax are all out there, now with increasingly fine cameras in a variety of formats including FF - and my guess is that more and more folks are turning away from Canon and Nikon because, in effect, they have stopped listening to their customers or, in the case of Nikon, even caring about them (the D600 QA issues, e.g.). In choosing to become the king of plastic fantastic, Nikon especially has lost a lot of respect and integrity. They can still make superb cameras but increasingly it seems to be without finding out what people actually want, find useful and are prepared to spend. The new Nikon Df seems an almost classic example of that.

Of course, this rant ignores how well the canon and nikon cameras have done in the market.  Nikon had some issues, just like many manufacturers with some manufacturing processes - oil stains on sensors, bounce flash, etc. etc.  Now, one could certainly argue that certain manufacturers drop the ball on admitting to defects.  That's not the same thing as ignoring important segments of their customer base.  I think Canon and Nikon have NOT addressed concerns of a segment - I just disagree with you in regards to the size of that segment.

And, from a business standpoint it really does make sense to leave them for last - since they really have no viable alternative to date.

So, anyway, I don't think Canon or Nikon are worried about Pentax. But I think they probably are worried about the smaller manufacturers when grouped together. These outfits are backed by simply enormous corporations - Ricoh, Fuji, Sony, Samsung, etc - and, at least for now, they seem to have the ear of the customer. Canon and Nikon don't.

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