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Re: FX to DX sensors and differences in prints or on screen.....

Here is something to remember: If you were printing a 2"by 3" photo, could you tell the difference between FF and crop sensor? Not likely.

Depends on the ISO of the image capture, the pro glass used, and raw editing software used.

If ISO was say 100 to 800 with pro glass and Lightroom for example for noise reduction, possibly not much difference, but I could tell as there could be some still.

If the image was taken in very low light at 3200 iso or more, even with pro glass, there would still be a noticeable difference (even to anything over 1600 iso will show) to the fine detail sharpness or crispness of the image as better with FX sensor.

I have looked at 100 percent images from D7100 at pixel level, and my own 4 year old D700 FX with 24-70mm lens is miles ahead in low noise over DX, (maybe not full pixel resolution). However, even at 12MP in D700, not 24mp in D7100, with editing software because of the crisp image, I can pull out lots of detail information in the Raw file from the FX image and do so regularly in 16x20 prints. D700 images look great printed large. D800 would no doubt be better.

DXO mark of D7100 is about 1265 iso for light vs 2300 iso for low light on D700 FX (nearly double for better low light, and the D800 at around 2800iso for low light on DXOmark. These differences show up in prints.

Will be noticeable in large prints if image is a low light capture photo at 1600 to 3200iso, due to the crispness of the image capture. Even at 400 to 800 iso, there could be difference in very large prints.

Pro glass can improve the difference between the two, along with noise reduction in Raw software, along with distance to subject, I have found with my FX and DX cameras.

When I saw the samples of the D7100 online, I was surprised how much better my D700 images still were for a four year old camera. If you have used FX and DX, you will know this already.

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