Rumoured Pentax FF : follow classic mz5n

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Barry Pearson
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Re: Rumoured Pentax FF : follow classic mz5n

noshea wrote:

Let's start from the facts that:

a) Ricoh does not have the resources to throw at FF that SoCanikon does

b) They probably cannot afford to test the market with several varied models

d) Pentax users are known for being more happy than perhaps any other group with the ergonomics (read K-7 upward) that Pentax have diligently nailed down and refined;

So, le's make our expectations prudent. Pentax users can only get one shot at an FF.

The following would win commendations from existing Pentax user base and probably attract some of the Nikon folk sore about the pig's ear made of the Df (camera and pricing):

A slightly larger K-3 body, STILL OVF with an FF sensor (expect them to use existing Sony/Toshiba 24MP stock), probably having to drop IBIS (or maybe not?) and adding a couple of incremental features (my vote would be for a humungous, interchangeable split-screen OVF).

IBIS is a must. Otherwise so many K-mount FF lenses wouldn't have image stabilisation.

I suspect the K-3 body is already big enough. But I doubt if 24 MP is enough - that sounds like a cop-out.

You'd still have an outstanding, tried and tested body. You can have it in APS-C or FF or both, with the same MP count and with FF say up to 20% larger body but still competive with others in its class d800, D610, 6D, etc. Pentax could probably charge up to £1,000 premium against the K-3 though because they are keen on price, at around £1,800 they would sell a lot. In almost every respect (except an incomplete FF lens line-up - also needs filling) this FF would be superior and better value for money than its mainstream competitors. Not for the first time.

I'm not convinced a brace of f2.8 zooms are the way to go with a compact system but a sensibly priced FA 24 F2.8 would do the minimum to round out the FF prime lens offering (if you want state of the art AF, go to Nikon). Customers should be picking Pentax because it offers a distinctive approach, not the same one.

Zooms are very important. I'm not the only one who mainly uses zooms, with primes "filling in" for special cases. But - they don't have to be f/2.8 zooms. I've managed for years building my system around a core set of f/4 zooms, any of which can be used wide open.

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