the K3 is perfectly tiimed to hit C and N where they hurt

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Hold on.... lets be realistic about it

The Pentax K-3 is a really outstanding camera. On paper, it is probably the best APS-C DSLR on the market today. If it was made by Canon or Nikon, it would be selling in huge quantities and would probably win "Camera of the Year" from many websites.

But it is made by Pentax, and because of this it will sell at about 10% of the rates of equivalent cameras from Canon and Nikon. Even though it might be a better camera body when viewed objectively.

This is just reality. It isn't due to any bias or any unfair trade practice, it is just what will happen. And it will happen because:

  • Canikon has a much larger installed user base
  • Canikon has a much stronger brand identity
  • Canikon has more users looking for upgrade bodies
  • Canikon has much more market presence
  • Canikon has a much deeper lens catalog
  • Canikon lenses are generally cheaper
  • Canikon has much more third party support
  • Canikon offers an upgrade path to full frame

If I was in the market for an APS-C DSLR, I'd buy the K-3, because it really is a great camera. But I am not a typical buyer, since I am already an Olympus and Sony user, and don't really need an upgrade path to FF, or 300 different lenses to pick from. Plus I really love some of the Pentax primes.

So right now, the only market that Pentax is catering to are perfectionists who want the best possible body, even if it is just slightly better.... and people who refuse to follow the herd.

And there simply aren't enough people like that for Pentax to gain much market share.

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