E-M6 - What and When?

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Re: E-M6 - What and When?

Ejvaccaro wrote:

The biggest issue with the E-M5 is motion tracking. All other things are minor in comparison. So, if Olympus want's to make a better E-M5 they should fix the motion tracking (if that means PDAF on sensor than so be it), Put the better EVF in it. Allow us to use the current optional grip and be done with it.

If they want to put some separation between the E-M5/6 and the E-M1 eliminate the weather sealing and drop the price a bit.

I agree.  PDAF is the only way they'll get another $1000 from me to upgrade my E-M5.  The 1/8000s shutter speed and bigger viewfinder and wifi are all nice and dandy, but I can't see myself buying another OM-D unless it has better motion tracking.  I just feel the focusing is so essential for sharper images that I don't feel any of the other things put together would warrant an upgrade right now.  Maybe the E-M7...

It would be so sad if they completely remove the weather sealing though.  That would feel like a downgrade.  If they kept the dust/splash proof and didn't implement the freeze proof, I'd understand that.

Would protecting the E-M1 really matter in April though?  That'd be almost a year since the release of the camera.  I like the ergonomics of the E-M5 much more than the E-M1, which I find too bulky, so I hope the successor to the E-M5 is going to be good.

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