2013 Camera of the year ... ? (Per SteveH)

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Re: 2013 Camera of the year ... ? (Per SteveH)

To0 be honnest, this whole camera of the year (or car of the year, or what ever of the year) is so dumb. When reading these lists at the end of the year, I always think: How much did the winner pay the organisation to win?

It is strange, when you want a small easy to take with you camera with very good IQ you will pick a camera like the RX100. When you need a bridge camera with a nice fast lens and a very good IQ, but size is not to important to you, the RX10 may come in mind. When you want the best retro looking camera the Nikon comes in mind, when you want the smallest FF camera the A7(r) is the best, when you want the fastges focussing mirrorless camera, it could be the OM-1, Or when you realy want a tilting build in EVF, there is just one camera: the GX7. Did I mention the smallest real DSLR? No? Then co to the SL1 from Canon. Or the smallest ILC? The GM1. The first rangefinder lookalike with NFC: the Nex 5t.

You see, all real camweras of this year! So it is of no use at all. The camera of the year is that camera that you have bought this year. You did not buy a camera as the one you own is still good enough for you? Then there is no camera of the year for you.

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