The Advantage Of EXR DR Settings (all EXR Fujis) - Sample Pics

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The Advantage Of EXR DR Settings (all EXR Fujis) - Sample Pics

Right from early X10 days (back near the end of 2011) I have been recommending that people shoot DR400 in M size, with ISO less than DR.

There is one more proviso - you must have a high contrast scene for EXR DR (two separate frames are exposed and combined in camera to produce a JPEG with better highlight retention) to kick in.

In these pics, just check the cloud details - the rest of the image is totally unaffected by DR settings. All exposures are the same, at 0EV compensation.  Only DR was changed between shots

First, DR400:

X10  5043 - in the OOC JPEG all cloud detail is revealed

Next. DR200:

X10  5044 - note the loss of some cloud detail as it clips to white

And thirdly, DR100:

X10  5045 - note the major loss of cloud detail as even more is clipped away through over-exposure.

For those who aren't that it's worthwhile shooting RAW at the same time, here is the DR200 shot processed from RAW.

Even though the OOC JPEG is over-exposed, there is enough highlight headroom in the RAW file to bring back almost all the cloud detail (compare it with the DR400 JPEG), but more importantly, because it is RAW, we are also able to lift the lowlights on the station platform.  Try doing that with any of the JPEGs.

X10  5044 - DR200 RAW processed in Silkypix 5

If you have an F or H series EXR camera you can actually shoot EXR when ISO = DR and you are in M size.  For the X series EXR cameras you need to keep ISO less than DR.

Note that, contrary to what could be inferred from the camera manuals, the lowlights are not affected in this case by DR settings.  That only occurs when you choose EXR Mode (that is, by turning the Mode dial to the EXR position). Then you will get some lifting of lowlights up to DR1600.

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