Maybe Nikon has the last laugh...

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Maybe Nikon has the last laugh...

Since when has a product intro produced so much buzz? There are five (unless I missed somethign) front page articles about the Df. I don't even think the Sony Alpha A7, for all it's revolutionary status, generated five front page dpreview articles around launch day. Look how many threads the Df is taking up!

Nikon may be getting way into the last laugh here. Think about it - now is a very down year for DSLRs and Nikon uncorks the opposite of the expected trend that everyone is screaming about. "It must be mirrorless, it must have EVF etc. etc."

And this camera has to be cheap to make in a lot of ways - dig up old tooling for mechanical parts, recycle a sensor from the D4, slap on some recent stuff from the D610 and you're done. Nothing really new about it.

And the demographic - I have to think they are well aware of the target audience - "its in my hands again". Only people who can say "again" are being asked to relate. This is a very targeted release - laser beam targeted.

And they don't have to sell a lot to break even because it cost so little to develop and make. (In my estimation.)

So while many don't get it or see the point, I kind of do get the point. I just can't justify it in my kit at this price point. It's very cool. Cool matters to me, I can't lie, but image resolution is more important than cool.

So some have called it a colossal failure. I say it's not. I say it's a brilliant way to quickly and inexpensively produce something new (that's also old) and generate renewed interest in DSLRs. Two days ago, I was scratching my head and wondering what Nikon has in their minds. Now I think this may be the most brilliant idea for the moment.

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