What next for an NEX 5N user

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Re: What next for an NEX 5N user

I just got my 5n a year ago and love it - loved it so much I bought a bunch of expensive lenses for it. Then I realized I could sell the expensive lenses and get an RX1 since I like that focal length for most of my shots anyway. But I kept my 5n body, the SEL50 for portraits, and got the cheap Rokinon 8mm for some fun ultra-wide shooting. In essence, the 5n will become my camera for any other focal length I want besides the FF 35mm on the RX1. And I'll stick with cheaper lenses for it, too.

If I were you, I would stick with the 5n for now - at least until the A7(r) is broken in and Sony has had a chance to introduce whatever is next for (what used to be called) NEX cameras. It is entirely possible that a significantly better NEX-like camera will come out that takes full advantage of current E-mount lenses.

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