Df size comparision vs OMD and Sony A7

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Re: Df size comparision vs OMD and Sony A7

joejack951 wrote:

Pretty impressive considering there's a flipping mirror, pentaprism, and 4X as big sensor packed into it. I'm not sure what lens that is on the OMD but I'm betting it doesn't match the light gathering capability of the f/1.8 lens on the Df either.

hate to break it to you, but the Sony A7 and the A7r are both full frame, the A7 is 24mp full frame and the A7r is 36mp full frame

here is a front view of the DF and the A7r

also consider that the DF body only cost $2,749 and an A7 body only will cost you $1,700

here is a top view the nikon has a 50mm f/1.8 lens and the sony has the zeiss 55mm f/1.8

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