Thom is spot on!!!

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Re: Thom is spot on!!!

For the most part, I agree with Thom's comments. Nikon has certainly made an effort to appeal to older photographers (I'm one of them) by producing a camera that recreates some of the cosmetics of older F cameras. But I think that he gave too little consideration to some of the real advantages of this camera. Number one, to me, is that it is a D4 sensor at less than half the price of a D4, and that sensor still has some significant advantages, particularly for low light work. I was already looking at getting the new 58mm f1.4 lens in a few months, and I think it would be a great pairing with this sensor. I'll wait to see some reviews of both, but this is a very tempting combination to me. I plan to replace my D700 with a D800 or D800e in a few months, but I worried a little about those situations when I have to hand hold, and adding a Df would give me a good solution for that, both because of its better high ISO performance and lower resolution. As far as the retro dials, I like dials, retro or not. But I'd be interested in the Df if its styling was along the lines of the other Nikon FX cameras, based solely on its sensor and its emphasis on still photography. I realize that the Df will not be necessary or preferable for everyone, or even most, but it's an option that offers a real choice to some of us. I'll pass on the 50mm f1.8 lens - that strikes me as more of a gimmick that has no purpose other than cosmetic. But the objections to the Df seem to me to be primarily about the cosmetics rather than its capabilities. I don't think that it does anything new or better than other Nikon DSLRs, but it offers some of the best qualities of the D4 at a much lower price.

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