GXR A12 28mm LH-1 lens hood issues?

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Re: Update??? A12 28mm & its LH-1 Hood...

Marathonianbull wrote:

Kristian, or any other GXR user:

Hello! Three years later... So, any "injury" so far with your 28mm & LH-1 hood (as I am planning to get one)?

I've had the LH-1 fitted to my A12 28mm camera unit since I bought the GXR in May of 2011.

I found that it fit loosely and rattled, so I found a little piece of waxed dental floss and wound it one and a half times around the mounting bayonet slot. It is semi-flexible and crushes nicely, so the hood locks on securely, does not rattle, feels one of a piece with the lens, and bayonet's off easily as well.

I've not had a single problem with it. It fits to the extending part of the lens as otherwise it would have to be much deeper and larger.

And yes, it does create a shadow with the built-in flash unit. I so rarely use flash, and almost never with a 28mm EFoV, it's never bothered me. (Usually when I use flash, I fit a radio trigger to the camera and use it with a reasonably powerful external flash unit mounted on a light stand or other fixture. Or I cover the built-in flash with an IR filter and fit my external flash optical slave trigger... No problems either way.)

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