2013 Camera of the year ... ? (Per SteveH)

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Re: 2013 Camera of the year ... ? (Per SteveH)

blue_skies wrote:

icycool123 wrote:

To the op did u even read the entire article? No where in the article did he say that one camera was better then the other. He did mention a bunch of pros and cons. He also did rate the camera favorably and is in fact purchasing an a7r. He still loves the omd, but he likes the sony's as well and gives several reasons why someone may choose the Sony over the omd. Nice try at a troll post though....

Yes, I did, and hence my post. I quoted Steve from the article directly: on the E-M1:

  • "this is my #1 recommended camera as of November 2013".

- in other words, he has a winner - at least, he says so himself...

His wrap-up:

  • Wrap up..
  • So which camera, if any, is right for you? What do you shoot? What do you hope to shoot? Do you like shallow DOF? Do you shoot in low light often? Do you prefer speed and usability over slow and insane resolution? Only YOU can decide what camera you will like. Take a look at them and see which one speaks to you. One thing to keep in mind..
  • You can buy a Sony A7 with Kit Lens, an Olympus E-M1 with 20 1.7II and a Nikon Df with 50 1.8 for $6745. About $250 less than a Leica M body only setup. Now, I am a HUGE Leica guy but have to give it to Sony, Olympus and maybe even Nikon for releasing cameras that are all making us G.A.S. badly Props to Sony for pushing the envelope and high five to Olympus for creating that E-M1..what a jewel it is.

From his phrasing, I figure that he does NOT need shallow DOF, does NOT shoot under low-light, does NOT care about insane resolution, and that speed & usability are king.

Who is trolling here?

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Recommended is not the same as best. I would recommend an ipad or an iphone to anybody, but I know there are better phones (please, indulge the analogy, dont start a phone war, is an idea this). One is user friendly and easily recommended to anybody (even my dads) but the other is more powerful and more useful, at least to a pro user.

Thats why I dont think that recommended means camera of the year directly. It could end been it, but it may not be.

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