D7000 is horrible at soccer pictures

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Re: What an indictment though ...

David Lal wrote:

NWEng wrote:

I shoot a lot of drag racing (AF-C) and was having the same problem with mine and my 80-200AFS. Unfortunately, the fix was to send it off to Nikon for calibration. However, my keeper rate increased significantly and the shots I'm getting now are beautiful right out of the camera.

I hope this helps some.

Well, good. Glad your kit is OK now.

One understands that there is such a thing as manufacuring tolerances on both lenses and bodies which can be cumulative and lead to an impaired final combination. What an indictment though to spend this much money on camera and lens(es) and then still find one or both have to go back to Nikon to give them a second go to get it right.

Happily, all my lenses be they Nikon or be they Sigma or Tamron, including the oh-so-expensive 300/F4 have worked perfectly straight out of the box on my D70, D300 and ancient 501 film SLR, all without any kind of tinkering.


An indictment?  I think that is a little strong.  Probably the vast majority of people, like you, are pleased with their equipment right out of the box.   The fact that some combination of factors leads to a percentage of failures is probably more just life.  The key factor is whether Nikon customer service is there to make those folks happy and with as little stress as possible.  The very small percentage of people who remain dissatisfied are likely to find satisfaction at another company.  The rest are free to troll websites forever and a day.

My equipment has worked well out of the box as well.  That is a good thing because my D90 does not have a focus calibration function.  That has not kept my Sigma 17-70 out of the shop, however.  Just came back from its second repair in a year.  An indictment?  Perhaps.  But, Sigma has been happy to fix the issues under warranty with a rapid turnover and good email communication.  So, not really.

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