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Re: Looking for some newbie C&C

shadowmite wrote:

I've been tinkering with photography for a long time and am lately switching my hobby path to tinkering more in this field. I've never looked for others input before and figured I would welcome it and see what I can learn. Comments?

First off, this photo is adorable.  It helps that the child is well placed in the frame and really pops against the background.


On my monitor, it looks like there's a yellow color cast.  That could be corrected in post processing.

There are strong shadows on the child's face which can be softed in post processing.  Doing too much will cause it to look fake however.  Ideally you'd add fill light with a reflector or other light source when taking the shot.

It also wouldn't be difficult to clone out the towers in the background.  They aren't a big deal, but while I'm making suggestions I thought I'd throw that out.

Regardless of the small issues it's a very fun photo,


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