the K3 is perfectly tiimed to hit C and N where they hurt

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viking79 wrote:

emem wrote:

In real life shooting, of a user base of many thousands (of any brand camera), how many want to fill a buffer with RAW shots in a single burst?

Actually, a RAW depth of 6 is very problematic for any sort shooting, even portraiture. I like to shoot back to back shots and if a 6 shot buffer fills up it means missed shots. Say you are posing a model and do quick 10 pose shots back to back, annoying to say, "hold up a second, my camera is processing."

I love my Samsung NX300 but never consider using it for a professional shoot because even though it shoots 8 fps, it only has a 5 frame RAW buffer. This fills up in about half a second at max speed, or even if I am shooting 1 shot every second or so it fills up in less than 10 shots.

The Nikon is at least more responsive shot to shot than my NX300, but still a pathetically small buffer.


I own an NX210 and a D7100.

The Nikon is way, way faster. There's no comparison. With the Samsung you shoot a few single shots in RAW and the camera freezes, You can't even make any adjustments until it finishes doing its thing. The D7100 will shoot uncompressed RAW at 2.7 frames/second indefinitely, even with a full buffer.


It's only really slow if you shoot RAW+JPEG at max quality.

If you shoot JPEG-only the problem goes away.

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