the K3 is perfectly tiimed to hit C and N where they hurt

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Re: I don't see the argument here ...

paulkienitz wrote:

The point of this thread was never that a body by itself would overturn C and N -- just that it's addressing a market they're neglecting, and if we follow up with lens motors well matched to the body, we have a chance to make a real dent.

Yes, they need the focus motors as well as the lens offerings.  Here is what I believe they need:

70-200 2.8 (even on aps-c, 200mm is of great benefit - although 50-150 would also work) with new focus motor.  Has to compete with Nikon and Canon latest - not enough to compete with Sigma's version

300mm 2.8 prime with new focus motor.  Where Pentax can really, really make up some ground is to make an OEM alternative to the sigma 120-300 2.8.  Then they have something Canon and Nikon do NOT have.

xx-400mm 5.6 with new focus motor.  This is an important "stepping stone" lens - for sports and wildlife shooters that cannot afford a $4,000 lens and are thus willing to live with f5.6 but still want that fast focus motor.  (as I've said in another thread, not all f5.6 lenses are the same.  The canon 70-300 f5.6 IS USML lens is very, very different than the consumer 75-300 f5.6 lens).  Canon has 100-400, nikon/sony have 70-400

70-300 fast focusuing lens.  Again, it's about options.  This lens is typically $400-600 less expensive than a 400mm option.

85mm or 100mm 1.8/2.0 with fast focusing.

24-70 2.8 - again fast focusing.  Lots of people focus on telephotos but this is an important sports-shooting lens for a lot of people.

1.4x TC

2.0x TC


200-400mm style lens.  This is tough because they are so expensive.  This is in the same category as a 400mm 2.8 lens.  I just don't think there are enough non-pro users out there to support either of these lenses.

200mm 2.8

I don't see benefit in:

400mm 2.8

500mm 4.0

600mm 4.0

I think those lenses are so expensive it would

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