the K3 is perfectly tiimed to hit C and N where they hurt

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Re: I don't see the argument here ...

awaldram wrote:

And my point is unless the bodies can use the Lens it's irrelevant how fast the lens could be.

I'll say again as HSM lens do not operate faster than SDM on Pentax the limiting factor must currently be the body or Pentax Safox system.

If its the body then that can be fixed (k3 or later ) but if it safox no amount of high speed gizmos in a lens will make the system any quicker.

Until Sigma HSM glass outperforms SDM Pentax glass the fast 'sports' lens from Pentax is nothing but an impossible pipe dream.

The problem here is:  I do not believe with today's modern in-lens focus systems you can treat them as separate entities.  For example:  for whatever reason Sigma seems to have more issues reverse engineering focus for Canon rather than Nikon.  A number of people reported issues, for example, with the 35mm 1.4 on 5dIII body.  Those same issues didn't seem to appear on APS-C bodies in Canon's lineup or in Nikon.  So, if Pentax changes things in-body, you may or may not see all the benefit with existing third-party lenses that relied on reverse-engineering.  So, you may need lenses designed after the latest SAFOX to know for sure.

I see no evidence that the k3 has addressed RAW speed (tracking yes)

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