the K3 is perfectly tiimed to hit C and N where they hurt

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Re: I don't see the argument here ...

John_A_G wrote:

HarjTT wrote:

Hey John

I was just following the thread and some interesting and valid points being made by you and Dom. I'm hoping that the K3's AF is as good as the current Canikon cams (7D/D300s), so if its fast, accurate and reliable then its another option to choose from. I'm watching with interest to see how the K3 AF performs with fast moving subjects like road cyclists at full pelt.

I recently watched some AF tests with the Canon 1DX vs D4 and the accuracy and speed of both cam's AF systems just blew me away - the tests got me thinking how poor Olys E3's AF system was and how easy it was for the tester to switch between both cam's and be 100% confident with them. I know its the entire system - body and lenses that are allowing that kind of performance.


Harj - unfortunately the point Dominique and I are making is you can't match the Canon and Nikon performance without the lenses to go with it. Focus performance is shared by both components. And the chain is only as strong as the weakest link. So, even if one link has been strengthened - the AF algorithms - the other link (lenses) still must be addressed.

Again, I would expect existing Pentaxians to be very happy as they chose the system for other reasons and this is progress. But if your main goal is action shooting they're still lacking the lenses. Of course, if the high end OEM lenses from Canon and Nikon are outside of your budget anyway that's a different story. I just believe people who haven't used the high end Canon/Nikon OEM lenses underestimate the differences between them and third party. For example, I have a sigma 120-300 2.8. Great lens. Focus performance compared to Canon 300mm 2.8 just isn't there. Especially in lower light.

And my point is unless the bodies can use the Lens it's irrelevant how fast the lens could be.

I'll say again as HSM lens do not operate faster than SDM on Pentax the limiting factor must currently be the body or Pentax Safox system.

If its the body then that can be fixed (k3 or later ) but if it safox no amount of high speed gizmos in a lens will make the system any quicker.

Until Sigma HSM glass outperforms SDM Pentax glass the fast 'sports' lens from Pentax is nothing but an impossible  pipe dream.

I see no evidence that the k3 has addressed RAW speed (tracking yes)

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