Pentax K10D- Grandfather of High End Pentax DSLRS

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Re: Love the rich colors and mid's ... :)

Jay Ell wrote:

Chalootz297 wrote: I rest my case. Open the door, they walk right in.

Hello Jay Ell,

Thank you for your feedback on this issue.

You're welcome.

Yes, I'm completely wrong

I think you're just a bit too sensitive.

and you are absolutely correct.

Well, what I said is right. And now you are being childish.

In fact I'm about to take a hammer to my doggy K10D, and glad I've been shown the light.

Please send it to me instead. I can use it for some experiments.

If only I had seen the numbers sooner, I'd have realized what a poor performer this camera was!

No need to act out like that. Especially since I didn't say anything like that.

Because numbers are the only true measure of art. You've reminded many here of this before, it must be boring to keep pointing out such an obvious fact, but you are tireless in your mission. And 116 members of this forum are better for it.

What is my mission you talk about? And where have I reminded people of "this" before? I don't remember I've said a word of K10D here earlier. If you can not prove above, I hope you have the decency of apoligizing.

So-called artistic 'qualities' like color rendering, richness, saturation, texture, the look and feel of a photo

Color is a measureable metric. The CFA and signal to noise ratio create the limits for what can be created from the data. The K10D is nothing special, and compared to today's cameras like K-5 it is quite bad on some metrics, like SNR. The CFAs on the other hand are quite similar as nothing much has changed in them for ages.

Richness is a code word for something I have know knowledge of. The word has no concrete content. Whatever it is, it comes out of processing the data the CMOS or the CCD had created - this data of the modern sensors is of considerable higher quality and essentially one can create identical image from from example K-5 data to any image of K10D, but not vice versa.

Texture - more pixels you have, the finer textures you capture.

Look and feel - different looks and feel can be achieved with different processings and post processings. Quite irrelevant when it comes to the properties of the sensor.

What you said is, quote: "something about the CCD sensor, even at 10MP that is unmatched in later cameras."

That is simply incorrect. There is no reason to feel so personal about it. The CCD sensor does not have any such properties over today's CMOS sensors which would create the output images you like so much. The K10D is perfectly capable of being a tool for creating wonderful images, but you just were wrong about how the technology works. Why do you start behaving like a big baby for that is beyond me.

are virtually meaningless compared to lines on a chart or otherwise measurable values. Are you an engineer?

No, but I just corected you when you were wrong. Is is wrong to correct misconceptions?

That alone would qualify you to make such sweeping evaluations.

What sweeping evaluations? I understand quite well how image sensors work and how the whole image creating pipeline works. Because of this I could correct your misconception. For some reason you feel insulted by this.

Why, sharpness can be measured and compared in exact terms.

Sure. Something wrong with that?

Who could possibly argue with science?

You made a statement which was scientifically incorrect.

Certainly not anyone with logic or sense!

Logic, scientific tests, proper measurements, rigidly controlled comparisons (I've noticed that all your posted photographs are side-by-side comparisons, further proof of your value in these types of discussions) are the only true measures of a camera or lens. Or, of art, for that matter.

Now, where's that hammer?

I am sure you love your camera's output, and the images can be just wonderful, and I am sure you're a more talented photographer than I and you've got the images to prove it, but there is no reason for you to behave as if I had insulted you someway.

The thing is that you thought that it is the CCD sensor which is somehow special and it's not. It is the processing, either the in-camera-JPG-engine or RAW-conversion in computer which creates the aspectes of the image you praised so much.

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