D7100 'streaking'

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Re: D7100 'streaking'

mosswings wrote:

It's a Toshiba, Eric. It's one of the reasons why the wolves of the various fora have been howling. I would note, however, that I've yet to see evidence of any of the infirmities in many thousands of images with the d7100. But I'm not partial to performing the photographic feats of strength that many d7000 users love to do. This is also the reason you don't read much about these phenomena in commercial reviews.

That being said, the d7000's Sony sensor is more robust than the d7100's at the extremes, and I suspect that the next generations of Nikon sensors will once again be by Sony.

I encountered my first "streaking" or "banding" as it is called about a month ago. It was during trying to recover shadow details in the blacks of a brilliantly Wood Duck image taken in full sunshine.

As you may know, a Wood Duck is the ultimate test of dynamic range for any wildlife camera because it has a lot of very fine feathers that are pure white and it has a lot of fine feathers that are pure black thus the DR covers the full gamut. To expose for these ducks in full sun requires a huge -EV exposure compensation to retain the details in the highlights resulting in un avoidable major underexposure of the blacks. It was during attempting to recover some shadow detail in this image that I finally, after 7 months of use, saw my first and only banding instance with my D7100 (23,000 shutter clicks). This was not such a big deal for me because I had previously pped a few dozen Wood Duck images with encountering no banding/streaking at all.

In other words, the conditions have to be very extreme indeed for this to become an issue withe D7100, and even when it did appear, a few judicious brush strokes in Photoshop fixed the problem in a jiffy.



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