Why the obsession with hardware?

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Easier (and more civilized) to debate hardware than photos

OldSkoOL wrote:

I would much prefer to come to a photography forum and see great pictures. I feel people might be getting lazy and less creative because the cameras are processing better technical pictures.

A worthy wish. However, DPR is unlikely to be the Peaceable Kindgom of photo lovers for the following reasons:

  1. Wonderful photos can be taken with just about any camera or phone, and this chagrins the souls of people whose principle mortal achievement consists of a fortune sunk in gear.
  2. DPR, to its credit, posts news about photo exhibits, events, or galleries of work, and the negative or foul comments outweigh the favorable ones usually by a ratio of 90/10.
  3. Creative photos are "outside the box" in the figurative sense, which means they defy the minds of gearheads keen on boxing everything in one neat bin or niche.
  4. The champion gallery and auction photographic "greats" (Cindy Sherman, etc) tend to specialize in things which are violent, devastating, mortifying, decayed, misanthropic, ugly, illegal, blasphemous, or dangerous.
  5. Street photography is boring unless invasive, hidden, or an assault on privacy.
  6. Pictures of sunsets, cats, dogs, beaches, sports events, mountains, flowers tend to cater to very particular tastes, while boring or offending others.
  7. It is much easier, and possibly more gratifying, for a frustrated person with low self-esteem to insult other people's work, whether great, mediocre, or bad.
  8. If you can't define "good photo," to define "good camera" may be more feasible.

Consequently, haggling and quibbling over camera specs, or blown-up still lifes at high ISO may be more benign than the flames and trolling that would ruin any discussion of pictures.

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