the K3 is perfectly tiimed to hit C and N where they hurt

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Re: the K3 is perfectly tiimed to hit C and N where they hurt

viking79 wrote:

awaldram wrote:

Strange speaking to the Pentax rep Saturday and he was telling me the 50-135 is the fastest focusing SDM lens.

This made me LOL. Having had the 60-250mm f/4 and the 50-135mm f/2.8, they are not fast focusing lenses

Honestly many of the FA screw drive lenses focus faster than most of the DA* lenses with SDM motors. Screw drive was noisy, but most of those FA lenses have very short focus throws which makes focus extremely fast (if not as precise, but never really had a problem with them).


Must admit made me chuckle but then again got me thinking about how they measure speed and just what do we mean 'speed'

Do we mean the ability to wrench the lens from MFD to infinity


The ability to stop a ton of glass change direction and acquire lock?

1 is impressive but doesn't get images 2 is what tracking reuire and where those high torque ring peizo's really shine.

But would it deliver faster AF on a pentax body ? if the answer is yes then why doesn't the Sigma 70-200 HSM blister.

There is an assumption SDM = Slow yet I see no evidence it's not Pentax AF design = slow.

maybe just wishful think on us Pentaxians ?

Maybe it a bit of both and at some point Sigma HSM glass will suddenly fly on a Pentax body ?

There is a lot of opinions  spoken by people who don't have experience of multiple (inc Pentax) systems and  only have limited exposure to  high end or low end of 1 brand yet can speak with authority on all

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