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Kappels wrote:

MITDelay wrote:

Apologies, but I believe you are wrong. You can do the same thing with the A99: you set the camera in video mode to full manual, incl. manual focus. Then if you need to achieve a quick AUTO focus, you quickly press the Af/Mf button to achieve focus, then, if set to toogle, press it again to revert back to M mode.

when you switch back to the autofocus from manual, does it also switch back to the limitations such as max aperature of 3.5, removes the range limiter...etc?

I shot a lot of corporate video and frankly, I have problems understanding your problems? My video clips are pin sharp.

did you make certain settings or did you didn't even care about the settings and used the defaults?


Once you press the Af/MF button to achieve AF it will fall back to the limitations, but once you press the af/mf button again, you are back at your settings.

Yes, I adjust the A99 for video shooting; picture style: neutral; all parameters at 0 or -1. I adjust sharpness, contrast...in pp


Hi- what you describe above is what I can do with my a77 but it is not working on a loaner a99 I have right now.  I get an error that Manual Mode (in movie mode) cannot be accessed while AF/MF is activated (and it was in MF).  Any ideas on what could be causing this?  I am doing the exact same thing I do on my a77 it just isn't working.

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