the K3 is perfectly tiimed to hit C and N where they hurt

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Re: the K3 is perfectly tiimed to hit C and N where they hurt

Ricoh can't kick high enough yet to hit exactly where it hurts.... and the limitation comes from the lenses, flash system and brand recognition (specially among young photographers).

The same logic why most of you CAN'T switch systems also applies to N and C users. If you are heavily invested in Pentax glass, hardly you can escape from jail. Simple as that.

And don`t forget what other person posted here already. Ricoh is just catching up with what C and N produced several years ago: 7D and D300 are still good cameras and users still can wait some time until the 7D-ii or the D400 come out. If no, they still can buy a 6D or a D610. No that many people from C and N wil crash the doors of Ricoh Imaging.

I said it already. K3 willl sell very well......

.... to Pentaxians

And now there is a new kid in the block, named Nikon DF. DF, even is not an aps-c,  will bring the attention back into Nikon land.

Other Pentax bodies have sold well to Pentaxians, but this one offers far more to those comparing platforms than those did. The K-5 was arguably the best crop body, but only by small incremental measures. This one genuinely offers something you can't get from the big boys. It's easy to say they'll just whip out a D400/8D as soon as they need to, but if they did, they'd have to price it way above the D7100/70D. And speeding up the latter models could happen, but in Canon's case they're wrong-footed by the fact that the 70D is still very new. No FF model can compete directly either; it would be a matter of improving a D610/6D until it's twice the K-3 price. I don't think Canon can do anything at all to counter until next summer, and all Nikon is likely to do is give the D7200 a boost of buffering and processing, leaving it still as the plastic alternative with the slower mechanicals and the off-brand sensor.

This means we have a window of time where we can make a strong impression. It's during that time that we'll see what Ricoh is made of. If they follow the K-3 with sped-up lenses, things could look quite good. If they fritter the time away, things will return to the status quo.

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