the K3 is perfectly tiimed to hit C and N where they hurt

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Re: I don't see the argument here ...

Dominique - I'm afraid your point is lost on a lot of people.  They really don't appreciate a difference because they've never really experienced it.  Either they don't shoot action or they are so brand-loyal they can't acknowledge competitive advantage another system may offer.  Hopefully for all action shooters we will find that:

A) Pentax focus has caught up.  There are some preliminary positive results that K3 is better than K5II but that's not the same thing as saying it has caught up.  To your point, it's impossible to really tell because the benefits of Canon & Nikon are realized when people use their excellent pro-grade focusing lenses.

B) Pentax will demonstrate a commitment to bring to market telephoto and super-telephoto lenses with pro grade focusing.

Again k-3 is a great winner for existing Pentax users.  But in the context of this thread it, by itself, isn't enough to achieve growth at the expense of Canon and Nikon.  Fortunately, there are users like yourself who do use Pentax as well as Canon/Nikon so you can provide a credible comparison.

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