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Re: Checking for mis-focus (not to be confused with blur)

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Go tell the APS-C -- and low-end 135 -- users that they are imagining their myriad AF issues.

i use APS-C....what myriad of AF errors should i be looking for?

The ones reported by other users of your specific equipment. I presume that you have never run into any AF problems not attributable to 'user error'?

Or are you claiming that there are no AF issues being reported by other users?

i know when i make mistakes and i know when the camera makes a mistake, i tend to make mistakes far more often than the camera does.

So your camera 'makes mistakes'?

I have seen reports by other users and many can be put down to human error and some is just likely the camera is broken or misfocused, but it's hardly a myriad of AF issues.......unless i'm lucky of course and i get cameras that work very well.

And as I have noted, I get a very high 'keeper' rate, and mis-focus that appears to be AF problems (i.e. it is a focal plane offset and not some other form of blur, and this result seems unlikely to be my error) are very rare.

But then I tend to shoot a lot of a certain type of thing, so maybe my usage just happens to coincide with where the AF worsk best. Countering that, however, I can't recall ever noting an AF problem in a shot from more deliberate and careful usage. Quickly snapping shots of people running about in and through foliage and various other stuff playing airsoft is, perhaps, more taxing for the AF system.

Maybe I should be asking Colin about his findings with the E-5 and his lenses.

sometimes the camera will have an error in focusing, it depends on the body i'm using, 99.9% of the time it will be my fault, i did a sequence of 9 shots of a horse galloping at me with a 500mmm lens with the horse filling the frame, the 2nd shot was blurry because i jostled the camera for some reason, every shot was fine concerning AF focus,

That isn't a "focus error", that is motion blur -- in this case, due to your jostling the camera.

You can only be sure of mis-focus if it is clear that the plane of focus clearly lies either in front of or behind the intended target. If the DOF is quite deep, then you may get a large number of technically mis-focused shots that look fine.

my cameras aren't perfect but they do have a level of performance i would never go below, i am also happy shooting C-AF in very low light levels.

C-AF has always been weak with Olympus. S-AF seems to be problematic for a small group of people (who are very vocal about this, but seem to have trouble posting sample shots of these problems), but not others.

When the main subject is blurred slightly in my shots it is almost always because the shutter speed was inadequate. Most of the rest seem to be produced by my miss-estimation of a distance when I can't get a lock on someone due to foreground objects and choose something that looks around the same distance. A few don't seem explicable as motion blur or 'user error', and I am assuming that these would be the AF mis-focus problem. (PDAF is never 100% accurate, anyway, however -- so I think how problematic this would be would be largely determined by your normal usage.)

shooting a 500mm lens on APS-C you know if a shot is misfocused instantly as the DOF is very shallow when shooting larger apertures

Yes, I would guess so.  Provided you aren't confusing motion blur with a shift in focal plane, which is what I was referring to.

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