Olympus 12-40 easily beats the Canon 17-55 at f/2.8 (but not when stopped down).

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Re: Apparently you think that "f8 and be there"

technic wrote:

DonSC wrote:

As for "seem", 43 lenses of the same focal length and maximum aperture are superior to their FF lenses with the same specs.

nonsense, this is only true (in general) for the same nominal focal length / aperture spec, which is irrelevant if you want to take pictures in the real world.

Prove it…let's see real world examples and compare...

If you want a honest comparison, you have to compare to a lens with equivalent aperture and focal length (viewing angle). In that case the situation is very different - if only as Serge remarks below - for a majority of the good FF lenses no m43 equivalent exists, on an equivalent basis (and sometimes even on a nominal basis ...) almost all of them are brighter than anything available on m43. And for many m43 lenses if there is a FF equivalent it is a design from 25 years ago or so, because such dim lenses are no longer manufactured.

And are much shorter in FOV making AF difficult to obtain on a small subject in the FOV and also difficult metering as well…I.E. 300mm FF vs 300mm m43…you can out bird the 300mm FF easily as the FOV on the FF will not allow for accurate AF and Metering…the 300mm (600mmEFL) will fill the frame allowing for deadly accurate CDAF and better metering...

There are some exceptions, but if you see superior performance on m43 you are cherry picking.

  1. Depends on who's behind the camera 
  2. And also the FOV filling the frame is better for AF and Metering
  3. And the cost of FF long lens are astronomical?
  4. Please post an example of some nature shots with FF that are your best, so we can see if you really know what you are talking about…proof is in the pudding'...
  5. Then we'll post some to compare? Deal?

Now if size/weight is important and aperture/DOF control is NOT, one could say that such small/light (and dim) lenses are not available on FF, which is true (with a few exceptions again). m43 has an advantage if you want to travel light, but that is something different than superior optical or image quality.

DOF is even shallow on M43 shooting nature shots, I find a Superzoom actually does a better job at times to give more of the subject in focus...

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