the K3 is perfectly tiimed to hit C and N where they hurt

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Re: the K3 is perfectly tiimed to hit C and N where they hurt

awaldram wrote:

tcom wrote:

I mentionned Pentax that I do not understand why they feature almost the slowest AF in the whole SDM lenses (with the exception of the DA*55) in that 50-135 as it is the ideal range for most sport events I am covering. I asked if there is a chance for a new version with an improved AF speed, I was told sport photographers are not the target audience... They added photographers were taking sport photos before AF existed.

Unfortunately looks like you were talking to an idiot

It was not a rep, but a product manager of Pentax...

Maybe my experience varies to your due to different shooting environments ?

But then again I'd have thought low light water-polo matches would be a lot more challenging to focus systems than beach volley ball.?

Not only would you have a lot more light but a smaller area to cover, what body was you using ?

It was K20D and K7. Then, after asking Pentax for advise or a chance for a faster focusing DA*50-135, my usual shop borrowed me a D700 with the Sigma 50-150 HSM, it was like night and day for sports photography and was pretty much what decided me on adding Nikon to my equipment.

Perhaps your opinion is tainted by having a seriously nice Nikon body driving the lens ?

I do not consider the Sigma 50-150 that much superior to the DA*50-135, but then, it performed so much better.

All I really wanted to say, with the K3, Pentax catches up on C and N regarding the camera, but to really hurt the big two, they need to rethink the lenses.

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