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Re: Wait 24 hours...

Well Fuji have been very successful with retro cameras with dials and buttons.

I reckon Nikon will sell loads of these to over fifty year old males!

Not that I am one, but what's wrong with 50 year olds looking for "modern nostalgia". Or with a company trying to make money? There are plenty of 50 year olds (and even 20, 30, 60, & 70 year olds) with healthy bank statements who find this camera beyond attractive. To each their own. We really don't need more than a Smart Car to get around. Yet people buy WRX's and on upto Maybachs to get from point A to B. Maybe, and here's a crazy notion, it's not all about the end result, but about the experience too. Even as someone who never shot with a pre-90's SLR, I see the appeal of knobs and switches. People have been asking for a more elemental shooting experience but with a digital capture. Here it is. Buy it or don't, but the price bitching is already old.
"You're guaranteed to miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Wayne Gretzky

spot on post sir, its not about someone's age, its about their bank balance and their wants.

I want one, but my bank balance says I can have one, simple.



also a proud member of the `lesser leica owners club`.

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