About wide vs. small gamuts, 8 vs. 16-bit &sRGB vs. Adobe'98

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Re: Photoshop 16-bit...

Try Picture Window Pro. You can manipulate images of varying bit depths right up to 48 bit. It does not have the full functionality that Photoshop has, as it is built mostly to deal with photograpic images. It is quite a capable program in it's own right and it is pretty fast and straight forward. There is also a major upgrade in the works that should be forthcoming in the near future.

See http://www.dl-c.com/ for more details.

Magne Nilsen wrote:

Mishkin wrote:

Photoshop's 16-bit SUCKS!!! You can't have layers, you can do
almost nothing but some color adjustments.... Ugh!!!

It obviously takes Adobe a lot of time to enable 16-bit for a wider
set of the functions, but at least some of my favorites are in
place. For full image editing Curves and Levels are fully there,
and I tend to do > 2/3 of my work in Curves. Segmented editing
seems worse unless you can live with Marquees and Lassos to make
selections. I tend to make a 8-bit copy of my 16-bit image, create
and then Save my selections there, and then from the 16-bit image
use "Load Selection" from the 8-bit image. Works fine for me. As
for the filters, well there is Gaussian Blur, Median and Unsharp
Mask. Hmmm, that is about the only filters I use for image
correction and editing, so I don't really care. If you must have
the rest of the filters, you have to switch into 8-bit - yes, but I
find that most of them are more on the artistic side, and seldom
use them. What I really miss is cut & paste, layers and transform...


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