the K3 is perfectly tiimed to hit C and N where they hurt

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Re: I don't see the argument here ...

tcom wrote:

Please don't forget that the high frame rate requires a fast focusing lens being able to adjust between the frames. the K3 might feature a huge buffer and fast frame rate, but what lens of the current lens lineup allow you to take advantage of these features? The common lens for events photography, the DA*50-135 is among the slowest focusing lens of Pentax. Wildlife photographers can take the DA*300 which is a bit faster, but still way behind an AFS 300/2.8. The DA560 costs nearly as much a D800 with AFS 300/2.8...

In order to really get an advantage of the improved AF of the K3, Ricoh needs to put effort on the lenses, re-releasing existing lenses with HD coating will not help.

Pretty much, the K-3 will probably do well for Pentax but I don't see it(or indeed anyone) challenging Canon and Nikon when it comes to things like budget wildlife or sports shooting where the lens lineup and AF is everything.

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