the K3 is perfectly tiimed to hit C and N where they hurt

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Re: the K3 is perfectly tiimed to hit C and N where they hurt

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I've been looking at some threads of Nikonians hurting over the lack of a D400, and something somebody said there crystallized exactly why they're in pain, and why the situation is no better in Canonland. It is this: for the last few years, neither of those companies has offered a new high-speed action oriented body outside of the top end pro photojournalist tier! Many users of both brands are desperate for an affordable camera that is fast, regardless of whether it's FF or crop. And this means that the K-3 is not just looking good because it's new and is briefly ahead of competing offerings... it is, for the moment, offering something that the big two refuse to sell you unless you pay three or four times the price! It's looking like a very good time for a C or N user, if they're at all interested in action, to switch to Pentax. (Or to Oly.) I think we'll pick up more converts than we are used to getting on a normal new release.

Of course, those wanting a fast camera may be rather disappointed with SDM, so if (as faintly rumored) they are working on updates of the star lenses with new motors, they'd better be quick about it, before the D7200 and 80D come out with major speed upgrades.

Well, the sad part is that should a photojournalist take the K3 for events photography and use it with the lens with the equivalent 70-200 range, the DA*50-135/2.8, will notice that the fast action packed camera is useless for what he intends to do since Pentax features almost the slowest AF on this lens in the whole lens offering (with the exception of the DA*55 which is even slower). When asking Pentax, he will receive the same reply as I have gotten, we are not the target audience of Pentax... That's why I added nikon a few years ago. Still today, Pentax seems to make no effort in redesigning a 50-135 with an AF fast enough for concerts or sport events... The fastest camera is useless when the brand can only offer slow focusing lenses.

Strange speaking to the Pentax rep Saturday and he was telling me the 50-135 is the fastest focusing SDM lens.

Personally I'd give the edge to the da*300 but the 50-135 is not out the running at least my copy.

I often wonder given the 50-135 reputation if there's a lot of 'tight' 50-135's out there not focusing properly .

Maybe the reason Pentax has no intention of re-designing the lens is they feel it's competitive as it is ?

There is nothing more frustrating than observing the best beach volleyball actions through the viewfinder, fully pressing the shutter release and waiting on the camera/lens combo to fine tune the focus until the action is over without having taken a single frame. Even worse is when the organizer then comes to you and asks if I managed to take the action. Yes, I could observe it in the whole length, had the shutter pressed but the camera was not able to lock focus.

On the other hand, with D700 and AFS 70-200/2.8, I can take photos at almost 5 frames a second of a beach volleyball player taking a plunge towards me to catch the ball, the whole sequence with the head of the player in focus.

I mentionned Pentax that I do not understand why they feature almost the slowest AF in the whole SDM lenses (with the exception of the DA*55) in that 50-135 as it is the ideal range for most sport events I am covering. I asked if there is a chance for a new version with an improved AF speed, I was told sport photographers are not the target audience... They added photographers were taking sport photos before AF existed.

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