Mirrorless shipments surge....

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Re: OP used the word "surge" and claimed objectivity

Our dear objectiive OP trying to hard to come across as objective, attacking anybody who's trying to use personal observation on this thread but he

If you are objective, just state the numbers but you tried to paint a positive picture of MILC and then of course, used the word "surge".  This is just as chilldish as grown men making threads with title such as "I dumped my xxx and bought a yyy".  Selling of a camera is "dumping".  Is this something a child would say, not grown men.

Guys, I dumped my girl friend today, after one year of use, I've come to the conclusion that the ergonomics wasn't getting it done.  The body and lens combo was just too big and heavy and she's just not repsonsive enough.  Her frame rate was too slow and her battery life was too short.  I didn't like her dynamic range.

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