All this talk about the 12-40mm, I just bought a used 12-50mm for $235

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Re: Definitely splash proof

The camera and lens were both fine, nothing the worse for the shower. I'm not sure if the condensation was on the inside or the outside of the EVF. It was so wet that after half an hour most everything was wet so I gave up trying to wipe anything down. But it dried quickly and never showed any operational problems so I'd say it was probably on the outside (but it's hard to get in there and wipe). This was six months ago so I can't imagine there are any long term issues. +1 for Oly and the weather sealing on the E-M5 and 12-50.

To be honest I knew given the weather and where we were going to be that trying to photograph the falls would be a bear, so I just enjoyed myself and didn't worry about the camera. I took the E-M5 and the 12-50 rather than my Canon gear not only because it was a lot lighter and smaller but because, to some extent, if it died I wasn't overly worried given its price. (Is that a backhand complement to m43 or what?).

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