What next for an NEX 5N user

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are you hung up on gear or do you just want to take pictures?

I like taking pictures and I love what my NEX-7 can do, as such I plan on using it until it stops working. When that happens I will look to see what new cameras are available.

Seriously - there was a time not so long ago when digital was still catching up so to speak, but these days cameras are so good that they can out put images better than most people will ever need - I print my best prints, and most of the big prints I have were taken with 6 and 10mp Nikons - my NEX-7 can easily blow them away, but who really prints that big. Then you have the vast majority of people who look at their pictures on their computer - - how much more resolution do you really need to view a picture filling the screen of a computer to TV?

the problem here is that people like to look at these tiny 100+% drops and then compare things no normal person would ever see.

photography should be about having fun and taking pictures and sharing those pictures with friends and family

gear collecting should be about collecting the best gear and then having a "who has the biggest" contest with fellow collectors

which one do you want to do?


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