Olympus 12-40 easily beats the Canon 17-55 at f/2.8 (but not when stopped down).

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Apparently you think that "f8 and be there"

Sergey_Green wrote:

DonSC wrote:

with FF and 43 lenses then you know that you always need to stop down the FF lenses but generally don't need to do that on 43. I guess if you don't then you don't.

No, I don't need to stop down FF lenses, I absolutely love them wide open.

Digital lenses just seem to be of higher quality. It's a half thing. For the same quality the digital lenses are half the size, half the weight, and half the cost. LOL

Seem like how, how exactly does it seem?

is only about DOF. Think again. You may LOVE your lenses wide open but they won't perform that well. Maybe for you that doesn't matter because you can't tell the difference or maybe it's just better to get the shot, avoiding shake or motion blur, than to worry about having the best IQ. You'll have to answer that for yourself.

As for "seem", 43 lenses of the same focal length and maximum aperture are superior to their FF lenses with the same specs. That could be because it's easier to make higher quality lenses for 43 or it could be because the companies making 43 lenses make better lenses. I think it's the former. You may think it's the latter. No big deal. Think what you will. Doesn't matter really.

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