the K3 is perfectly tiimed to hit C and N where they hurt

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Re: I don't see the argument here ...

emem wrote:

.. The K3 is, if anything, only marginally ahead of the D7100 in specs. Slighly faster frame rate, slightly better buffer. But remember these are only the specs.

5 shots raw on the D7100... that is easy for even the average shooter to fill, 28 shots RAW is rather hard to fill IMO

In real life shooting, of a user base of many thousands (of any brand camera), how many want to fill a buffer with RAW shots in a single burst? 1% ? 0.5% ? How about 0.05% ? I'm sure it wouldn't be many more than that. So, are these things really that big a deal?

Again 5 shots, easy to fill for 99% of people even the novice photogs, 28 shots, well then you're right at 0.05% of photogs.

I don't think Pentaxians should get carried away with how great the K3 is. I suspect in AF capability and flash capability (the important stuff after sensor capacity and IQ) of the 4 year old D300s is STILL superior to the K3. Unless the K3 has really advanced exponentially over the K5.

Over the K-5 yes, over the K-5IIs less so but still improved. compared with the D300s probably no real difference except for low light focus going to the Pentax now (since the K-5IIs).

And remember, Pentax lenses might be very capable of producing great images, but speed demons they are not. Nor are the zooms in the same league as some of the nikon glass that I've tried and some that I own. Let's not get carried away.

True, I keep telling people that a lot of the AF speed is lens dependent and not camera dependent, my F70-210mm F4-5.6 and F35-70mm F3.5-4.5 are lightning fast and I'd put them against the fastest in any brand but many Pentax lenses aren't quite so fast.

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