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Re: Epson Stylus R340 and similar

Gesture wrote:

Why would folks bid up an Epson Stylus R340 to $175; not that much behind for an R280? Not even new in box. Couldn't one find an Artisan 50 for less; even an Artisan 1400/1430?

Why are you concerned about what folks bid on? What, you think they are bidding too much? People's bidding logic can't be explained sometimes.

I currently have a R340 and R380. Had them for ever. I would not consider bidding on any of these unless they were selling for $30 or so. Of course I would rather go for a 1400 or 1430 but I already have two 1400s.
A Canon Pixma PRO-100 would be better. Oh wait, I have three of those too.

But really, sometimes some of the older printers for whatever the reason become must have items.

The Epson 2200 are going up in price as well and to think I was paying an average of $75.

Now people want $150 and up.


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