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Re: My Summary

I know this is being picky but..

The only actual difference between FF and APSc is that the latter is cropped and you lose just over than half the megapixels. That is all nothing else. Although it may be true that an APSc has less DR, higher noise, higher DOF, etcetera, it is not related to the size of the sensor but to decisions made by manufactures and users. The problem is that people are comparing cameras, which opens up far more issues than just the size of the sensor.

This is easy to envisage. Take a FF camera of any quality. You take a photo with said camera. You then take off the lens, pull out the sensor, snap off the edges to APS-c size, stick it back in the camera and put the lens back on. We will pretend it still works and you take another photo. The only difference is that you are now capturing less of the image circle projected by the lens with fewer megapixels, nothing else. The DR and ISO sensitivity is the same as before. The lens is still the same focal length as before, it does not become longer. If DOF issues and bokeh were in the original photo they will not have changed. All the colours will be identical.

Camera manufactures choose to change the pixel density and hardware which creates the problems some people see. If a user’s reframes the shot, that is what changes the DOF and bokeh. Shallow DOF is also tricky because not everyone wants. If you want to shallower DOF and print very large FF has advantages, if you like everything in focus and print fairly large APSc has advantages.

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