Mirrorless shipments surge....

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your preferences should be everybody's?

brownie314 wrote:

Eamon Hickey wrote:

I did not assume that at first because this is mind blowing. Photographers on this website get annoyed with people who obsess over gear and DXO mark results and various minutia like that. But this one takes the cake. This is obsessing over financial results.

What exactly is wrong with being curious about the business of cameras and photography? Does that curiosity, and discussions about it, harm children or puppies? How about, say, the history of camera technology? I mean, what use is it to know about wet plate cameras? How about the science of applied optics? Is that a risible obsession?

Maybe you're not interested. Fine. Nobody is trying to tell you what you should be curious about, a courtesy you apparently don't reciprocate. If you don't care about camera company financial results, don't read threads about them.

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