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Re: My Summary

DOF ....really ?? I have shot with my f1.4 Sigma 50 and even the 50mm A F2 on my Kx and the DOF was so thin it's hard to believe you really need it......I'm happy for someone to come along and say that they need FF for this or that reason, but it have to be an extreme requirement, surely.

DR on the RAW files of the K5IIs give me a ton of room. Are we talking about Jpeg DR for say wedding or sports pro's who don't have time to fiddle with the results?

I think perhaps a landscape shooter, looking for absolute quality, I can see the deal, but I read the article and have to agree with a lot of what he's saying. Again, nice if someone provided a FF at a good price, not much above APS-C right now, but in terms of need..........

My Nokia 1020 smart phone is ridiculously good, my much unloved VS20 can be used with a tripod and PP in the right conditions to get some pretty decent blow up quality. I think his assumption of the companies need to get your hard earned $$$ to improve their bottom line isn't far from the truth.

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