Bridgecam shootout - Fuji HS50EXR vs Canon SX50

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Re: Lower FZ70 price.

technicsplayer. wrote:

I'd be wary because this reports the stabilisation is not as good as Canon's and perhaps not good enough to use the 1200 mm consistently?

That's possible, but even if Canon's stabilization is better, at 1,200 a tripod should always be used. I've shot with the 1,200mm SX50 and Nikon's 1,000mm P510. With a tripod, the SX50 produces a tiny bit more detail than the P510. Hand held though, the P510's detail is (for me) indistinguishable from the SX50's detail. Does this mean that the P510's VR stabilization is better? Maybe, but it could just be due to sample variation. Where the review starts to criticize the FZ70's stabilization, it sound like they're initially talking about shooting stills, but it's really in a paragraph that's talking about stabilization while shooting videos, so the FZ70/FZ72's stabilization may do much better for shooting stills. If so, it wouldn't be a big negative for me since I wouldn't use megazoom cameras for shooting videos.

The video mode is well specified, with 30-minute clips at 1080p and full control over exposure settings for those who want it. Details could be sharper but picture quality held together remarkably well in low light. However, we struggled to capture usable handheld shots at the full zoom extension. Even when resting our elbows on a window ledge for support, the camera's optical stabilisation wasn't able to iron out shakes, resulting in jerky movement and a wobbly rolling shutter effect. Admittedly, video stabilisation at a 1200mm (equivalent) focal length is a big technical challenge, but the Canon SX50 HS managed it.


One thing in the review that I don't agree with is their preference for an eye detector instead of using a mechanical switch to choose between the EVF and the LCD. Most of the cameras I've used that have eye detectors trigger too easily, cancelling button presses I've made while it's busy changing between EVF and LCD unless I force myself to slow down. Also, I don't like a glaring bright LCD at night that turns on if I don't keep a finger over the eye sensor if for some reason I need to take the camera's EVF away from my eye.

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