K-3 Birding with a sparkle (10 images)

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Re: whats your take on IQ?

robbo d wrote:

They are all nice shots i've seen taken with K3, but are they a....'noticable'.......improvement on K5 series? or perhaps just incremental ?

The K-5IIs and the K-3 would be next to identical when resized down for the web. The pixel level quality on the K-3 isn't as good as the K-5IIs but more pixels hide the flaws when resizing down or printing at the same size. at pixel level the noise starts earlier, its not a stop worse but you start noticing it around a stop sooner

Certainly another way to improve results is by improving AF and metering, nailing the shots more of the time.....perhaps also where K3 is better?

It should be, some have noticed it in spades, I've just noticed it a bit, but different shooting condition, different lenses and different subjects all play a role in perception

Is it an all round slightly better performer.

I'm selling my K-5IIs, it still is my favourite Pentax camera but the K-3 is better enough in some ways that the K-5IIs has to go for financial reasons too.

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