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brownie314 wrote:

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brownie314 wrote:

This never ceases to make me laugh. Because what is not said, but what is really motivating this thread is "hey man, can't you see how much better mirrorless is than stupid dslr's - look at the sales numbers".

If your comment is aimed at the OP, Abrak, you've completely misinterpreted his post. Abrak is interested in the business of cameras (in addition, I'm sure, to photography and many other interests), and posts very astute observations about the industry and about the financial reports of individual companies. If you bothered to read his other posts on this thread, it would be clear he's not trying to defend a preferred camera type. To my eye, he has an investor's sensibility.

It's possible to have an interest in rational evaluation of the camera industry, full stop. It's also possible to have an interest in the camera industry and the ability to rationally separate one's evaluation of the business results of particular companies from one's own camera brand or one's own favorite camera companies. There are several people who hang out on these forums who are capable of this. (Also many who are not.)

I am preferring mirrorless ILC cameras these days, but my interest in how the camera business will evolve is totally separate from that. It's business curiosity.

I own a Sony CSC and an Olympus DSLR, and I like a lot of things Olympus does in ILC camera design, but I'm also able to read a P&L statement and an annual report, and so I know that Olympus's camera division, despite designing many cameras that I like (and have reviewed quite favorably), has recorded dismal business results for years. This causes me absolutely no emotional disturbance or cognitive dissonance.

Yes, you are right. Upon reading more posts, I realized that yes, this thread actually is about financial results from various companies in the imaging business.

I did not assume that at first because this is mind blowing. Photographers on this website get annoyed with people who obsess over gear and DXO mark results and various minutia like that. But this one takes the cake. This is obsessing over financial results. This is even one layer of abstraction further back than gear obsession. Unless you people are investors, in which case maybe you should move to a financial website, then why would a photographer sit around and obsess over financial results from various companies. This makes little sense to me.

I totally agree.  However no doubt some people do worry about whether their chosen camera system is likely to continue if results are bad.  Or perhaps somehow it confirms their personal self worth that they have made the 'right' choice?  Either way it's just a camera and hardly a life altering decision for most.

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